Visionline Studios

About Style D*

Animator, Producer, VFX Artist.

Style D* is an animator and VFX artist, he is the founder of  Visionline Studios. Going back to his roots of drawing, since being away from traditional 2D animation for over 23 years working in the industry in TV cartoons and illustrator on children's books for Disney.

In Style's early years for the love of drawing, he thoroughly enjoyed comics growing up copying Black Panther, Iron Man, Hulk, and Dare Devil. At junior school children would always ask him to draw a boy on a skateboard in Bic biro pen, Style always love to see his character on a skateboard move in motion with many pages that were cut into many pieces, used as a flick book, which his brother taught him.

In the early 1980's he found the love of street graffiti art, where he was known for his characters which then was spotted to be commissioned by one of the leading advertising company in the UK to produce eight large pieces of graffiti artwork to acquire Government scheme training career skill commercial advert that was shown in the whole of UK in the cinemas. Later in his years, Style was inquisitive to improve his skills, trained by learning his craft from the legendary comic artists, of Judge Dread and ABC Warriors in his late teens at 2000AD London, on anatomy drawing. In the 90’s Style was mentored down the line by an assistant animator/illustrator, for Disney. This improved his linework for stepping into the arena of animation and illustration’ which took him to work at Richard Williams Studio on the feature film The Thief and the Cobbler.

Before the death of 2D animation, he just missed out to work on Warner Brothers feature film Space Jam and the Quest for Camelot as an inbetweener.

Warner Brothers welcomed Style to joined the team of animators from other animation companies that worked on both feature films, in taking life drawing classes instead; with Uli Myers studio, Amblin, and Premier Productions.

Style D*  also spent a short period delivering lecture on animation at Hull University, helping year 3 students in brushing up there skills and preparation for their final animation graduation show reel screening.

His last days in animation were the Award-Winning Beatrix Potter, Willows in Winter, the last of the many Christmas series for Carlton TV at TVC London.

Since being away from animation and illustration, he then went into professional print-based graphic design. From years of experience in the creative field, he became an entrepreneur in starting up an interactive motion graphics video web solutions company, providing both print and interactive solutions for SMLB’s, working on major brands for commercial retail business.

In 2007 as the stock market crashed Style D found himself as a certified trainer in motion graphics VFX, and music; to groups of professionals and enthusiasts. 

This leads him to help and grow a start-up company Mondo TV as a Post Production Manager, working alongside with Producer and Camera Director, managing a team of video editors, VFX motion graphic artists to deliver animation explainers, for online social media video advertising content.

With Style’s many talents he is a Drum and Base producer, by his code name ZENRYU, which compensates his creative drawing animation that is combined. You can find Style‘s productions on different streaming platforms.

Now that Style is back to his roots in drawing, he is working on a short film, Sci-Fi  adventure titled, ZENRYU (DARK SAPPHIRE).